• Achieve higher prices for your grain with myPrice

    myPrice values your specific parcels of cereals, oilseeds and pulses against the best of all published bids in the market:

    • Daily valuations.
    • Adjusted for your exact storage location.
    • We only sell your grain after first consulting with you.
    • Expose your grain, but not your target price, to the whole market.

    Contact 02 9499 4199 or click here.

    Available online and
    App on iPhone

  • We Beat the Bid

    The Market Check agency service makes it possible to offer your grain to the whole market and frequently achieve better returns than bids provided by merchants and consumers.  Market Check prides itself on servicing growers from price discovery from contracting all the way through to payment.

    The chart below compares Graincorp and AWB’s daily bids (source Profarmer) with the best bids published in the market, overlayed with the actual prices that Market Check has been able to achieve for our clients over the last four months (green dots).

    If you would like to offer unsold grain to the whole market, call one of our Advisors on (02) 9499 4199 or list your grain and target prices on myPrice by clicking the link above.  Note that we can also facilitate healthy premiums for delivered and ex-farm markets.

    What our clients say:
    “I don’t have the time or expertise to do what Market Check does for me.”
    “The reason I use Market Check is because you can access grain markets that others can’t.”
    “The benefit for me is the expert management that drives more value out of the market.”